How do you look at it?

over the rainbow

What is life about?  Why am I here?  What am I supposed to leave behind?  Do I even matter? So many people ask these questions everyday…..wondering…floundering….bored with their life…their job…their relationships…what is life about?  Isn’t it funny that you could wake up quite a few days a week feeling good…pretty square with everything….nothing much out…


Sometime, I just can’t understand why…as much as I care about a person…a time will come when I just won’t  seem to be able to figure out where they are coming from and what they are feeling and thinking.

Things will go along just fine and then POW! a situation will arise where there’s maybe a point of view roadblock.  Now me…I can discuss it…agree to disagree and even tell myself that differences of opinion are just…well…fair!

But, then there are those occasions where the other person just turns it all inside and refuses to discuss the situation with you and you don’t know what to think.  You know what you feel and you want to talk about it…maybe compromise.  But the other person just won’t!

I personally think it is so unfair when a person just out and out refuses to discuss their feelings and leaves you out in the cold trying to figure out what is going on…But…fairness doesn’t always seem to matter!

Welcome to my Blog Page


Hello!  This is my new blog page.

All things about the heart touch me deeply. There are all kinds of hearts and feelings of the heart includes the feelings that people have…and the ones they don’t have!

I want to write about about that.  Experiences of the heart…of every kind.

I will post every Sunday on this page.  I welcome comments and discussion because there is a lot to talk about!